Here's How WebinarCon(fidential) Is Going To Help You Succeed...

Whether you're a veteran webinar presenter, looking to start a webinar, or just an affiliate looking for high ticket commissions, you're only one good tip away from your big breakthrough.

Just imagine being a fly on the wall as 27 online business legends reveal their closely guarded secrets...

  • Secrets that others have paid up to $50,000 to learn
  • Secrets that have resulted in over $500 Million in sales
  • Secrets that have proven to be a huge win for thousands of entrepreneurs just like you

Well you don't have to imagine, because it's happening for you on July 31st at WebinarCon(fidential), guaranteed.

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What Exactly Is WebinarCon(fidential)?

In a word, it’s evolution.

Earlier this year, we hosted a sold-out event at the Lurn Center in Rockville, Maryland with 110 of the top webinar marketers on the planet.

All gathered in one room to share business secrets that have collectively resulted in over a billion dollars in sales.

Just using webinars!

The feedback from that event was so incredible that we decided to host another one this summer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to happen.

But here’s the good news...

We’re hosting the next event as an exciting LIVE 3-day Virtual Seminar to bring stacks of knowledge... the entire world!

This is the opportunity for you to sit “front-row” at the biggest online event for 2020. Same great content, same amazing marketing experts.


Over $500 Million worth of amazing knowledge that teaches you the right way to scale your business using webinars...

All put together into just one 3-day action-packed virtual event on July 31st - August 2nd!

Meet Your Hosts

  • Anik Singal
    President of Lurn Inc.
    Over $250M in sales since 2004.
  • Andy Hussong
    Webinar and JV Deal Maker of $20M+ in Sales since 2005.
  • Ron Douglas
    Over $30M in online marketing and book publishing sales since 2001.

Meet Our Amazing WebinarCon(fidential) Speakers:

Our speakers have collectively sold over $500 Million in sales. They provide the event with 20+ years of outstanding experience in digital marketing.

DAY #1 Keynote Speaker
Amy Porterfield CEO
Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Through her bestselling courses and popular podcast, Amy’s action-by-action approach proves that even the newest online entrepreneurs can bypass the overwhelm, and instead generate exciting momentum as they build a business they love.
DAY #2 Keynote Speaker
Dean Graziosi Investing & Marketing Expert
A few years ago, Dean wrote a well-known book called “Millionaire Success Habits”. Instead of running his book through an infomercial on TV, he tried a new approach... He Took All Of The Infomercial Skills He Had Acquired, And Moved Them ONLINE. He sells thousands of copies of his “Millionaire Success Habits” book EACH WEEK!
DAY #3 Keynote Speaker
Jay Abraham CEO, The Abraham Group, Inc.
Jay Abraham is the 21.7 Billion Dollar Man & Highest Paid Marketing Consultant: a proven business leader and top executive coach. He is the Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group and has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing underperforming businesses. He has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients.
After Party: Aug 5th Keynote Speaker
Perry Belcher The World's Greatest Living Copywriter
Perry Belcher is the Co-Founder of Digital Marketer, the Founder of Rival Brands, and the self-proclaimed worst guitar player in Texas.
Perry has been involved in many businesses since his humble beginning in sales back in the 1990s. He has often been described as a “serial entrepreneur”, specializing in digital marketing & copywriting.

Here’s The Sessions We're Hosting:

If you plan on using webinars to scale your business and create multi 7-figure sales, you cannot afford to miss WebinarCon(fidential). We’re going to dive deep into the following topics:

1) The $4M Affiliate Webinar Campaign. Go behind the scenes to watch a case study of how one affiliate generated $4 million in sales to win a product launch contest.

2) The Perfect Webinar Script. A simple to use, surefire template to guarantee you have a high converting webinar.

3) Webinar Email Follow-up Secrets. How to set up an effective email sequence that maximizes your sales.

4) Nailing The Close. You work too hard just to get to the offer and not close the sale. We’ll show you 7 closing secrets that every webinar needs.

5) Ad Compliance. How to create ads and scale your campaigns without worrying about losing your account.

6)  Advanced Facebook Ads for Webinars. Learn the right way to set up and scale Facebook ads specifically for maximum webinar conversions and profitability.

7)  YouTube Mastery. How to get fresh webinar leads with easy ‘set and forget’ YouTube ads. YouTube is still an untapped opportunity.

8) Instagram Direct Message Ads & Bots. Facebook just rolled this out recently and very few marketers know about it. Be among the first to capitalize on this opportunity.

9) TikTok Marketing. Discover how to use the fastest growing new social media trend for marketing your webinars.

10) Google Display Ads. Google ads are still the most targeting ads you can run to eager customers who are actively searching for solutions.

11) Webinar List Building. How to build an email list to fill webinar rooms as an affiliate.

12) High Value Offer Creation. How to create a $2,000+ offer that practically sells itself.

13) Joint Venture Marketing Secrets.How to network with and attract the top affiliates to keep your calendar consistently booked with deals.

14) Maximizing Webinar Profits With High Ticket Backend Sales. The initial webinar sale is only the start. There’s a ton of extra money to be made with backend sales.

15)  Webinar Conversion Hacks. How to apply ‘10 simple tweaks’ to your webinar and follow-up sequence that will significantly boost your profits in under an hour.

16) Recurring Income From Webinars. How to add 7-figures in recurring income to your business by adding a simple, high-retention upsell to your webinar funnel.

17) Hollywood Style Webinar Secrets. How to turn your webinar into a MOVIE & Crush Conversions.

18) Time Tested Conversion Case Study. A full dissection of a $2,000 webinar that converts consistently at 8% for years!

19) The Webinar CART Funnel. How to DOUBLE what you make at purchase by using upsells, even in a funnel.

20) Post Webinar Profits. How we use a VIDEO extension formula to increase sales by 33% after the webinar replays are over…

Plus Much Much More

Webinars Are The Biggest Opportunity Right Now Because Of This Changing Economy...

In today’s struggling global economy and highly changeable market. There’s one question that needs to be answered:

Why do some information, coaching and consulting businesses succeed during an economic downfall, while others are falling behind?

The secret lies deep-rooted into what the market is looking for...

In 2020, the economy survives from digital marketing!


Because more and more people are searching online to find the ideal solution to their problems. Which makes it the PERFECT time for you to offer your solution online and start hosting LIVE and Evergreen webinars.

  • 1 According to, 73% of marketing and sales leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to generate quality leads...
  • 2 ... & GoTo Webinar Annual Surveys reported that 57% of marketers want to create more webinars - here’s why:

5 Reasons Webinars are the Future...

The best part about using webinars in 2020? They’re easy money…

It has NEVER been so easy to scale your business! If you’re looking for real substantial growth this year, and for many years to come

You have to take advantage of webinars right now.

4 Reasons To Use Webinars Right Now...

Which brings you to make a critical decision...

Either you learn how to promote webinars the right way, or risk falling behind with no hopes of catching up.

YES! I'm Ready To Promote Webinars The RIGHT Way...

Is This You? NOT Currently Using Webinars?
Then, This is the BEST Time To Start - We'll Teach You
The 5-Step Framework To Get You Started in 3 Days or Less…

If you’re thinking about using webinars, or want to start using webinars in your business...

This is truly an exciting time for you!

We’re going to show you how to get your webinars up and running create 7-figure results...immediately:

Step #1: Webinar & Offer Creation…

We show you how to plan out what to include in your webinar and your offer. This step consists of 3 major elements:

  • Story,
  • A-ha Content and…
  • Offer

Lastly, we’ll show you how to boost sales by up to 20% by presenting what we call a GOLDEN GOOSE…

Step #2: Tools & Systems..

There are so many different tools and softwares for you to run webinars. It can be overwhelming.

We’re going to look at Live vs Evergreen webinars.

You’ll discover exactly why evergreen webinars are getting over 40% higher ROI than live webinars…

All because of the higher SHOW rates for evergreen...

We’re also giving you a “pros and cons” breakdown of the different platforms to host your webinars, and help you choose the right platform for you.

Step #3: Registrations...

The third part of the framework for webinar selling is registrations. There are three main ways to drive people to register for your webinar:

  • Your Email List
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads.

We’ll show you exactly how to generate an extra 27% boost in your sales from your email list alone!

Step #4: Show Rate...

The next step of the framework is show rate.

We’ll show you how to get show rates as high as 80% using very simple techniques our speakers have mastered over the last 10 years...

Step #5: Conversions...

We’ll give you the three parts to maximizing conversions:

  • Engagement/Interaction
  • Offer Bonuses
  • Extend The Process.

You can add 30% more sales by extending your promotion further than other people normally would.

Discover The Untapped 5-Step Framework For Webinars...

Is This You? ALREADY DOING Webinars?
Let Us Help You Scale Your Webinar To 8-Figures
Using The Latest 2020 Secrets...

If you’re currently using webinars, they are one of the best marketing tools at your disposal. There’s no better way to establish yourself as an expert quickly, which allows you to sell high-end products.


You’re just repeating the same formula over and over and over:

Rinse & repeat.

And the reality is, you’re not alone in this...

While it’s important to find a webinar formula that works, it’s just as important to keep your strategy fresh for 2020. If you implement what you learn from WebinarCon(fidential)...

Your promotions will create a viral “buzz” and you’ll start seeing 8-figure results like the rest of our speakers...

YES! I'm Ready To Scale To 8-Figure Sales Just Using Webinars...

The 3 Elements You Need To Generate MILLIONS Of Sales Online...

This event reveals what 27 of the best digital marketers in the world have finally come to realize after 20+ years as entrepreneurs.

And now...

They’re going to discuss the TOP 3 elements needed to scale an online business.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the event:


Webinars are the best way to sell your products to more people using the least amount of time.

Not only do webinars create engagement and build trust with potential customers…

They do this at scale.

During the event, we will dive into:

  • Writing webinars in 3 days or less...
  • The 5-step framework for using webinars in your business...
  • Exactly how to convert 10%+ on a webinar...
  • LIVE Demonstration - Multiple evergreen tools to automate your business...
  • How to use a 3 Segment Email flow to increase show rate...
  • How to write webinars that do $30 Million or more...
  • Learn to build powerful relationships to fill out seats...
#2: Traffic

Everyone is competing using the same strategies, so it’s difficult for anyone to come out ahead.

In recent times...

More marketers have discovered the power of Facebook, but this platform is not scaling fast enough to accommodate the high demand.

That means prices have inevitably gone up! Thankfully, the solution is simple:

Use the strategies that cut your advertising costs in HALF…

...and have proved to drive THOUSANDS of potential leads to webinars at the same time!

Thousands of leads = Multi-Million dollar sales

That’s why we’re dedicating OVER 6 HOURS on Day #2 just for traffic expansion looking at strategies for:

  • YouTube - How To Find The BEST Targeting
  • Facebook - How To Get 1000 Registrations For Less Than $6
  • Display Ads - How To Get Unlimited Webinar Leads
  • TikTok - How To Get 2 Million+ Views a Week
  • IG DMs - Brand New Way To Get LOW Cost Webinar Registrations

Your ads are just the beginning of the journey...

#3: Funnels

You have to remember one thing about customers...

They buy based on relationships and trust.

Funnels are the process of transforming cold audiences into high-quality customers at the other end.

We’re going to run through the A-Z of ENTIRE funnels…

And then dissect proven multi-million dollar webinars to reveal a formula you can “copy & paste” for your own funnels.

Plus much more...

Once you conquer these 3 elements, there truly is NOTHING that can hold you back from succeeding!

ALL 3 elements are given to the members of WebinarCon(fidential) ONLY…

Save Your Seat Now! - Become A MASTER Of Webinars...

What Will Be Covered During These 3 Days of WebinarCon(fidential)?

The goal with this event is simple: Deliver multiple sessions of advanced marketing strategies that anyone, anywhere in the world can use to finally scale their business to create multi million dollar results FAST.

The tactics and strategies you'll discover at WebinarCon(fidential) can be implemented right away - even the very same day!

Day #1: Friday July 31thWebinars, Emails & Funnels Keynote Delivered by Amy Porterfield

KEYNOTE: Kicking off the event is one of the greatest digital marketing educators on the planet - Amy Porterfield!  After this, we’ll dive straight into these powerful topics:

How to Create a Digital Course From Scratch (One Worthy of Selling for $1,000+)

Amy reveals The 3 Expert Strategies to Easily Add a Digital Course to Your Existing Business, how to Decide on Your 'Personal Path Approach' to Creating a Profitable Course, the Behind-the-Scenes Creation and Launching Secrets to Digital Course Success. And so much more…!

Morning Session
Jim Edwards
Speaker #1:
Copywriting Secrets Of The Perfect Webinar...
How to sell a lot more people, in less time, by changing beliefs and overcoming objections they didn't even know they had!

A copywriting expert with 25+ years of experience and author of the best-selling book, "Copywriting Secrets", Jim will teach you the underlying structure of the Perfect Webinar and how you can use it to assemble your own perfect webinars to massively increase sales and conversions in virtually any market.

Ron Douglas
Speaker #2:
10 Webinar Optimization Secrets That Sky Rocket Your Conversions...

Discover ten little-known secrets developed from over 500 successful webinar campaigns that you can apply to optimize your webinar and get more sales.

Jon Benson
Speaker #3:
5 Tips To Writing Powerful Emails That Increase Your Webinar
Show Rate...

The emails you send out AFTER your webinar is where all the money is made. You probably know that... What you may NOT know is that there are 3 different psychological segments of your webinar audience - and speaking to each one can more than DOUBLE your webinar sales. Jon will be covering these three psychological segments as well as tips on how to target them. Jon will also reveal software that will cover the hard part for you.

Afternoon Session
Anik Singal
Speaker #4:
The Exact Funnel & Marketing Plan To How I Sold $4 Million of a Product as an AFFILIATE in 19 Days...

Anik reveals how to make $4M in sales even promoting a product as an affiliate using exact funnel he used. Anik then dissects into how he did ad buying to get 20,000+ registrations and how he ran his webinar track to get HIGHEST show rate. Finally, Anik shows his exact Segmentation and Email formula to create the highest sales, and the "ad blitz" formula that allows him to scale ads FAST in just 2 weeks.

Alicia Lyttle
Speaker #5:
11 Social Media Strategies You Can Use to Increase Your Webinar Attendance And Conversions!

The one strategy that will get you the best Facebook ad for your webinar. The 4 tools that you need to increase conversion and these tools are easier to use than you think! Why you need to be using Facebook groups and how you can get more webinar registrations with a group.

Jason Fladlien
Speaker #6:
7 Mind-Jedi Closing Secrets That Every Million Dollar Webinar Needs...

How you can easily make an extra $5,000 by staying on the webinar for just 7 more minutes. This strategy alone has made us at least an extra $1,000,000.00. Jason’s biggest and most embarrassing mistake turned into his best webinar closing rate ever. And how you can ethically replicate it to make insane amounts of money.

Robby Blanchard
Speaker #7:
The Exact Secrets To How I Make $30,000 a Day with My Evergreen Webinar...

Robby will be showing you how he makes $30k/day with his powerful evergreen webinar. Robby will also be showing you how he creates the backend, how he leads a sales team and how you can maximize every buyer and lead.

End of Day #1
Day #2: Saturday Aug 1stTraffic Generation, Scaling & Using Affiliates Keynote Delivered By Dean Graziosi

KEYNOTE: Introduce one of the most influential traffic experts - Dean Graziosi!
After that we'll dive straight back into more incredibly powerful and
advanced training...

How To Get Thousands of Buyers PER WEEK Using Infomercial-Style Videos On Your Favorite Social Networks - The proven video formula to make scalable ads

A few years ago, Dean wrote a well-known book called “Millionaire Success Habits”. Instead of running his book through an infomercial on TV, he tried a new approach... He Took All Of The Infomercial Skills He Had Acquired, And Moved Them ONLINE.

Morning Session
Liana Ling
Speaker #1:
How To Get 4,081 Webinar Registrations For Less Than $5 Each Using Facebook Ads...

Would you like to learn how Facebook Ads can help you secure over 4,000 webinar registrations at less than $5 per registration? Social marketing expert and Adskills Facebook instructor Liana Ling will share her hyper-successful Tri-Medium Frame Audience Builder framework, which has helped her clients expand their reach and impact while offering an incredible return on their investment.

Justin Sardi
Speaker #2:
YouTube Ads for Webinar Registrations - How To Find The BEST Targeting...

Justin discusses how to get cheap webinar registrations through the untapped source of YouTube Ads. He will be covering everything from finding your target audience to creating, scripting and setting up your powerful ad.

Afternoon Session
Jason Stogsdill
Speaker #3:
Using Google Display Network To Get Unlimited Webinar Leads at 50% The Cost!

Jason will be talking about a brand new display ad format from Google called "Discovery" ads. It's an easier display format to get started with that converts better and allows you to tap into Google's data driven audiences.

Rachel Pedersen
Speaker #4:
TikTok For Webinar Registrations! How To Get 2 Million+ Views a Week on TikTok...

How I found YOUR ideal target market on TikTok with my 2-Step Reverse Research Method. Why you can grow, generate leads, and monetize without dancing, getting creative, or being funny.

The 1 secret process I use to effectively grow and monetize TikTok in less time than it takes to make a Starbucks run.

Jeff MacPherson
Speaker #5:
Instagram Direct Message Marketing - How To Get LOW Cost Webinar Registrations on This New Ad!

Discover how to leverage a brand new marketing strategy using Instagram.

Jason will also show you how to get a head start with social media and viral marketing to increase your show up rate and conversion on webinars.

Matt Farmer
Speaker #6:
How To Scale Your Ads To $200,000+ a month with 300%+ ROI!

Matt then shows you the method to scale an ad account to $200k+ per month, using Facebook, YouTube and expanding into multiple networks to drive the most profitable amount of spend possible for your Webinar.

Andy Hussong
Speaker #7:
5 Secrets to Creating $25K-100K+ Webinar Deals in 7 Days (or Less) from ‘Endorsed Traffic’ WITHOUT Hiring a JV Broker!

Watch as Andy shares his proven, yet SIMPLE steps for attracting your first 1-3 JV promotional partners/affiliates within 7 days, while locking-in $25K-100K+ in sales PER DEAL.

He will walk you through his “Prolific Partner Profits” process for finding, attracting, and retaining your ideal JV partners, so you can create 5-6 figure deals WITHOUT needing to hire a JV broker or invest in paid ads (until you have a winner)! This (almost) NO-RISK “Endorsed Traffic” strategy is PERFECT for you, whether you’re a course creator, coach/consultant, software developer, or anyone else wanting to quickly EXPAND your INFLUENCE, one new, high-level endorsed traffic partner at a time!

End of Day #2
Day #3: Sunday Aug 2ndWebinars Extended Keynote Delivered by Jay Abraham

KEYNOTE: Introduce one the most exciting speakers with over 5 DECADES of
experience in marketing
- Jay Abraham!  After that we're straight back to more
webinar mastery

5 Massive Opportunities For Entrepreneurs in This Crazy Economy + Creating Irresistible Offers

Jay reveals his TOP 5 most profitable opportunities for any highly-driven entrepreneur during this changing economy, and gives you his #1 "insider" secrets about how to create powerful offers.

Morning Session
Jon Giaan
Speaker #1:
The NEW Webinar? How To Get $800 Transacted Per Attendee in a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE...

How to get up to $750 spend per-head on live webinars.

Anthony Morrison
Speaker #2:
10 Evergreen Webinar Tweaks & Secrets To Get Much Higher Conversions...

Anthony dives deep into the growing trend of using Evergreen webinars. He will reveal his best-performing TOP 10 "tweaks" you can apply to ANY evergreen webinar that fundamentally radicalizes conversion rates into multi-figure sales.

Afternoon Session
Sonia Riccoti
Speaker #3:
How To Turn a DOCUMENTARY Film Into a Webinar So Your Message Reaches The Masses...

In her search for a new ways to get her message out to the masses, Sonia created an entire new type of "webinar." She filmed a full documentary film and even after years of using a winning webinar - her documentary film as out-done the results of her traditional webinar. She'll reveal her entire approach: How she made the documentary, her funnel, her results and how you can use her new system for your message!

Rachel Rofe
Speaker #4:
WEBINAR Dissection: A Slide by Slide Dissection of a $2,000 Webinar That Consistently Converts at 8%+

Learn the webinar format that has got consistent conversions of 8% and above for a $1997 information course and 25% for a $297 course.

Jermaine Griggs
Speaker #5:
Automated Webinar Conversion Hacks: Profit-Boosting Strategies & Tactics You Can Take Straight To The Bank!

Once you've discovered and optimized a winning live presentation, the next phase is automation! In this presentation, learn the webinar conversion hacks of an internet OG who has spent and managed millions of dollars in ad spend in niches all the way from piano playing to business building, from low-end to high ticket items.

Sam Bell
Speaker #6:
The Client Flow System - How To Get High Paying Clients Daily & Scale To Six Figures or More Per Month!

Sam will be sharing exactly how he can help clients generate qualified strategy sessions application to sell their high ticket products and services from $3k to $15k using Facebook Ads and Automated webinars to rapidly scale to $100k or more per month in sales.

Anik Singal
Speaker #7:
How We Use a VIDEO Extension Formula After The Webinar To Increase Sales by 33%!

How to make $4M in sales even promoting a product as an affiliate.

Anik explains how he doesn’t end after the webinar, but stretch the promotion by another 10 days…

Anik also reveals how he turned the PLF (Product Launch Formula) upside down and reversed it, followed by how he chops up a webinar and gets it consumed in pieces over days AFTER the webinar is over. Finally, he dissects how he added 33% to sales by simply extending the promotion by 10 days by adding more content, videos and assets into the promotion.

Aug 5th:Join The After Party On August 5th Evening Keynote Delivered by Perry Belcher

For Even More Amazing Keynotes & Speakers - We’re finishing the event in STYLE with a keynote delivered by the world's greatest living copywriter!
Perry will be interviewed by Anik, Andy & Ron inside the exclusive After Party on August 5th Evening.

Join The After Party

We want to make WebinarCon(fidential) the most exciting event you’ve ever been a part of. So included in this event is an exclusive AFTER PARTY!

Even after 3 whole days of advanced training, there is still so much more to give you that we couldn’t quite squeeze in.

We’re going to go deep into:

  • How To Give Extra Value While Remaining FTC Compliant
  • Using SMS & ChatBots To Increase Conversions
  • Retargeting Secrets For Instagram Advertising To Get More Registrations
  • How To Sell High-ticket Products “Offline”
  • How To Get High-quality Leads From YouTube
  • Discover How To STOP Google & Facebook From Rejecting Your Ads

After Party Speakers

Perry Belcher
Michael Carrigan
Travis S.
Aidan Booth
Ilana Wechsler
Joel Erway
Rose Guthrie
Matt Farmer
Justin Atlan
Tommie Traffic
Jon Penberthy
Pete Vargas

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WebinarCon(fidential) FAQ’s


When does the live online seminar start?

We go live on Friday July 31th to Sunday Aug 2nd. You will be sent the full agenda once you complete your order.


Where is the event being hosted?

This is an online seminar that you can watch right from your home computer. Once you complete your order, you’ll be sent full details on how to easily access the event.


Who is this event for?

This event is for anyone who is serious about taking their business to new heights with webinars. You don’t have to currently have a webinar to attend.


What’s included?

Private streaming access to the 3-day online seminar with interactive questions and answers.


Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?

Because of the limited availability of seats for the event, you will need to notify our office 48 hours before the event so we can resell your ticket to someone on the waiting list. Transaction fees are non-refundable.


How do I access the live Seminar?

Once you click the button at the bottom of the page to order your ticket, you will receive an email with further instructions. We're using Zoom to show the live presentations. You will simply click the link in the email at the scheduled time and it will load the presentation room on your laptop or desktop computer.


Are the recordings available?

Yes. As you place your order, you will see an option for purchasing the recordings to ensure you don’t miss anything.


Where can I contact customer support?

You can contact our support team here

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To Your Success

  • Anik Singal
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  • Andy Hussong
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  • Ron Douglas
    Over $30M in online marketing and book publishing sales since 2001.

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